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break up (with) break up (with) 意味 例文/They broke up.

chicken head chicken head 意味:尻軽女 例文/She's a chicken head.

cheat on cheat on 意味 例文/He is cheating on you.

head over heels in love head over heels in love 意味 例文/I am head over heels in love with you.

hickey hickey 意味 例文/He gave me a hickey.

P.D.A. (public display of affection) P.D.A. (public display of affection) 意味 例文/Beyonce and Jay Z Show Some PDA.


bang bang 意味:セックスをする 例文/I wanna bang that hot chick!

beat beat 意味 例文/She let me beat last night.

in the nuddy in the nuddy 意味 例文/She is in the nuddy.

mess around mess around 意味:イチャイチャする 例文/We were messing around in the park.

make love make love 意味 例文/mm.. Let's make love.

one night stands one night stand 意味 例文/She had already 5 one night stands!!


bimbo bimbo 意味 例文/She is a bimbo.

bombshell bombshell 意味:セクシーな女性 例文/She's a bombshell!!

boobs boobs 意味:おっぱい 例文/I wanna touch your boobs.

bun in the oven bun in the oven 意味:妊娠 例文/I heard she has a bun in the oven.

buns buns 意味:お尻 例文/Her buns look nice and tight.

chick chick 意味 例文/She is a hot chick!

flat flat ぺちゃぱい 例文/She is flat as a brick.

hot hot 意味:セクシーな 例文/She's hot.

hussy hussy 意味 例文/My friend is a hussy.

muffin top muffin top 意味:お腹のぜい肉 例文/How can I lose my muffin top fast?

pussy pussy 意味:女性器 例文/Her pussy doesn't stink.


mama's boy mama's boy 意味:マザコン 例文/What are the signs of a mama's boy?

nuts nuts 意味:きんたま 例文/My boy kicked in my nuts.

pitching a tent pitching a tent 意味:勃起している 例文/I'm pitching a tent.

simp simp 意味:女性に尽くしすぎる男性 例文/That dude is a simp.


ask someone(人) out ask someone(人) out 意味:デートに誘う 例文/I’m going to ask him out!

dump someone(人) dump someone(人) 意味:(恋人・婚約者を)振る 例文/Are you dumping me!?

squeeze squeeze 意味:(ぎゅっと)抱きしめる 例文/I wanna squeeze you.


be all over be all over 意味 例文/I'm all over you.

two-timer two-timer 意味 例文/You two-timer!

have crush on 人(someone) have crush on 人(someone) 意味:~に夢中 例文/I had a crush on you in college.

oops baby oops baby 意味:うっかりできちゃった赤ちゃん 例文/She's having an oops baby.



beat it beat it/意味 例文/Beat it!

beef beef/意味 例文/What's your beef?

bugger off bugger off/意味 例文/Bugger off!

BS (bullshit) BS (bullshit)/意味 例文/It sound like BS (bullshit).

burn burn 意味 例文/Oh burn!!!

have a chip on one's shoulder have a chip on one's shoulder 意味:けんか腰である 例文/He always has a chip on his shoulder.

how dare you how dare you 意味:(怒)よくもそんな事をしてくれたな 例文/"How dare you!

kiss my ass kiss my ass意味/ 例文/Kiss my ass!

piss off piss off/意味 例文/Don't piss me off.

screw you screw you/意味 例文/Screw you!

son of a bitch son of a bitch 意味 例文/Son of a bitch!

suck suck 意味 例文/You suck!

sugar honey iced tea(shit) sugar honey iced tea(shit)/意味 例文/Sugar honey Iced tea!

steamed steamed/意味 例文/She was steamed.

ticked off ticked off/意味:イライラする 例文/He's still ticked off about the election.

what the hell? what the hell? 意味:(強く)なに? 例文/What the hell?


chicken out chicken out 意味 例文/Don't chicken out!

freak out freak out 意味/ 例文/Don't freak me out.

get out of here get out of here 意味:マジ? 例文/Get out of here !

holy moly holy moly 意味:なんてことだ! 例文/Holy moly!

holy shit holy shit 意味:なんてこった! 例文/Holy shit!


make(made) my day make(made) my day 意味:良い日になった 例文/Thank you for coming here, you really make my day!


crack up crack up 意味:大笑いする 例文/He cracked up.

happy as a clam happy as a clam 意味 例文/She is as happy as a clam.

have a ball have a ball 意味:楽しむ 例文/Did you have a ball at the party?

on cloud nine (or 9)  on cloud nine (or 9) 意味 例文/I feel like I'm floating on cloud 9!


be bummed be bummed 意味 例文/I'm so bummed.

oh boy oh boy 意味:あらまあ 例文/Oh boy! He's throwing a tantrum again!

in the pits in the pits 意味:落ち込む 例文/I'm really in the pits.


(be) sick of (be) sick of 意味 例文/I'm sick of it.

wack wack 意味 例文/That's wack.


get worked up get worked up 意味:感情的になる(興奮する) 例文/Don't get so worked up!

go bananas go bananas 意味:気が狂う 例文/I'm going bananas!

fucked up fucked up 意味 例文/I'm really fucked up.


get one's hopes up get one's hopes up 意味:期待する 例文/Don't get your hopes up.

give a damn give a damn 意味 例文/Why do you give a damn about it?



dope dope 意味:かっこいい 例文/That's dope.

killer killer 意味:最高 例文/That's a killer!

savage savage 意味:かっこいい 例文/He's such a savage!

rad rad 意味:最高 例文/It's so rad.

wicked wicked 意味:最高 例文/That's so wicked!


ghetto ghetto 意味:ださい 例文/You look so ghetto in that shirt.

lame lame 意味:ださい 例文/That's really lame.


something is off something is off 意味:何かおかしい 例文/Something's off about her.


as easy as ABC as easy as ABC 意味:簡単 例文/It's as easy as ABC.


hush-hush hush-hush 意味:極秘の 例文/It's all hush-hush.

hairy hairy 意味:困難な 例文/I'm in a hairy situation.

messy messy 意味:散らかっている 例文/It's so messy.

touch and go touch and go 意味:ギリギリ 例文/He's touch and go.




no doubt no doubt 意味:間違いなく 例文/No doubt.

sure thing sure thing 意味:了解 例文/Sure thing, anytime!

okie dokie okie dokie(okey dokey) 意味 例文/Okie Dokie.

thumbs up thumbs up 意味 例文/Please! Just one thumbs up!


doubt doubt 意味:そうは思わない 例文/I doubt it!

when pigs fly when pigs fly 意味:ありえない 例文/Yeah, when pigs fly.

rain check rain check 意味:またの機会 例文/I'll take a rain check.


here we go here we go 意味 例文/Here we go.

hang in there hang in there 意味 例文/Hang in there Jack!

way to go way to go 意味 例文/Way to go, Okubo!

work out work out 意味 例文/I hope everything works out.


can it ! can it ! 意味:黙れ! 例文/can it !

zip it zip it 意味:黙れ(静かに) 例文/He really needs to zip it!


attaboy attaboy 意味:よくやった 例文/Attaboy! You the man!

YOLO YOLO:人生は一度きり 例文/It's an engagement ring for three months...YOLO.


cool your jets cool your jets 意味:落ち着いて 例文/Cool your jets.

get a grip get a grip 意味:落ち着いて 例文/I've decided to get a grip.

look good look good 意味:似合う 例文/You look good in that hat.

no biggie no biggie 意味:大した事じゃない 例文/It's no biggie.


fingers crossed  fingers crossed 意味:幸運を祈る 例文/I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


fill me in fill me in 意味:詳しく教えて 例文/would you like to fill me in?

steal one's thunder steal one's thunder 意味:横取りする 例文/Sashiko stole Yuko's thunder.

take it out (on)  take it out (on) 意味:八つ当たりする 例文/Don't take it out on others.

turn a blind eye turn a blind eye 意味:見てみぬふりをする 例文/She always turns a blind eye to his behavior.



airhead airhead 意味:バカ 例文/You are such an airhead.

big cheese big cheese:大物 例文/He thinks he's a big cheese.

bonehead bonehead 意味:バカ 例文/You're such a bonehead.

clown clown 意味:(超)バカ者 例文/You are such a clown!

eager beaver  eager beaver 意味:頑張り屋さん 例文/He's such an eager beaver.

happy camper happy camper 意味:ご機嫌の良い人 例文/He's a happy camper.

jock jock 意味:スポーツマン 例文/Were you a jock in highschool?

loner  loner 意味:一匹狼 例文/He's a loner.

pain in the ass pain in the ass 意味:うざい 例文/It's a real pain in the ass.

pain in the neck pain in the neck 意味:うざい 例文/He's a pain in tne neck.

picky picky 意味:好き嫌いが激しい 例文/The children are such picky eaters.

slacker slacker 意味:怠け者 例文/Dad says my boyfriend's a slacker.

smart ass smart ass 意味:スマート野郎 例文/Don't be a smart ass.

wimp wimp 意味:弱虫 例文/Why are you such a wimp?


beer belly beer belly 意味:ビール腹 例文/You gonna have a beer belly!

love handles  love handles 意味:腰回りのぜい肉 例文/His love handles are cute.

potbelly potbelly 意味:ぽっこりお腹 例文/He has a massive potbelly.

slouch slouch 意味:だらしない人/猫背 例文/He's such a slouch.


baby kisser baby kisser 意味:政治家 例文:You know you can't trust a baby kisser.

paparazzi paparazzi 意味:カメラマン 例文/The Paparazzi are all over this town.


fam fam 意味:親友 例文/ I went shopping with my fam today!




come with come with ~意味:~が付いてくる 例文/ The hamburger come with french fries.

go flat go flat 意味:炭酸(気)が抜ける 例文/This beer has gone flat.

hit the spot hit the spot 意味:大満足 例文/That hit the spot.

munchies munchies 意味:スナック菓子 例文/I brought some munchies at the party.

OTL OTL 意味:昼食で外出 例文/She's OTL.

pissed  pissed 意味:(酒で)酔った 例文/I'm so pissed.


blowout blowout 意味 例文/What you should do if you have a blowout while driving?

dead end dead end 意味:行き止まり 例文/It's a dead end.

pick someone(人) up pick someone(人) up 意味:車で迎えに行く(くる)例文/Can you pick me up?

cruise cruise 意味:ドライブする 例文/I've got to cruise.

fender-bender fender-bender 意味 例文/I had a fender-bender.

heap heap 意味 例文/That's a heap!

high-maintenance high-maintenance 意味 例文/She is so high-maintenance.

hop in hop in 意味:車に乗り込む 例文/Hop in!

spin spin 意味 例文//Let's go for a spin!

totaled totaled 意味 例文/My car was totaled in an accident.

packed train packed train 意味 例文/ hate taking the packed train!


mess around mess around 意味:ふざける 例文/Don't mess around!


out of juice out of juice 意味:電池切れ 例文/My cell was out of juice.



crash crash 意味:寝る 例文/I'm going to crash.

fully awake fully awake 意味:完全に目を覚ました 例文/Are you fully awake?

take a nap take a nap 意味:昼寝する 例文/He's taking a nap. 



kick it kick it 意味:くつろぐ 例文/Let's kick it.


goof up goof up 意味:ヘマをする 例文/Don't goof up!

in the doghouse in the doghouse 意味:困った状況 例文/I'm in the doghouse for getting drunk.

mess up mess up 意味:ヘマをする 例文/I messed up.

screwed up screwed up 意味 例文/You are so screwed up.

slipped my mind slipped my mind 意味 例文/It slipped my mind.

go through 意味:通り抜ける 例文/Do you go through the Pizza already?

get through get through 意味go through a rough patch 例文/You can get through this!


the last straw the last straw/意味:我慢の限界 例文/That's the last straw!


number two number two 意味:うんち 例文/I'm going to number two.

poop poop 意味:うんち 例文/I'm pooping! Leave me alone!


be apt to be apt to 意味:~しがち 例文/She is apt to be late.

crushed it crush it 意味:絶好調 例文/He totally crushed it!

picky about picky about 意味:~にこだわる 例文:She's very picky about her clothes.

pop in pop in 意味:立ち寄る 例文/Why don’t you pop in at my home?



lemon lemon 意味:欠陥品 例文/My new car turned out to be a lemon.

piece of shit piece of shit 意味:ガラクタ 例文/My car is a piece of shit.

piece of crap piece of crap 意味:くだらない 例文/I think it's a piece of crap.


cheddar cheddar 意味:お金 例文/I'm all out of cheddar.

peanuts peanuts 意味:ただ同然 例文/He works all day for peanuts.

spend money like water spend money like water 意味:金遣いがあらい 例文/She spends money like a water.

through the roof  through the roof 意味:非常に高い 例文/My electric bill is through the roof.


dinosaur  dinosaur 意味:時代遅れ 例文/It's a dinosaur.

four-letter word four-letter word 意味:卑猥な言葉 例文/Don't use any four-letter words.

nail-biter nail-biter 意味:ハラhラドキドキの状況 例文/It's going to be a nail biter.

the(an) elephant in the room the(an) elephant in the room 意味:問題 例文/There's an elephant in the room.



(take) baby steps (take) baby steps 意味:少しずつ 例文/Taking baby steps is better than taking no steps at all!

come around come around/意味 例文/He'll come around in a minute.

every second day every second day 意味:一日置きに 例文/I play piano every second day.

day by day day by day 意味 例文/Live the best life day by day.

once in a blue moon once in a blue moon 意味:ごく稀に 例文/I see her once in a blue moon now.

right on the button right on the button/意味 例文/You're right on the button!

right on time  right on time 意味:時間通りに 例文/You're right on time.

the day after tomorrow the day after tomorrow/意味:明後日 例文/It's the weekend the day after tomorrow.


in addition to in addition to 意味:~に加えて 例文/In addition to a mansion, he owns a Bentley.

just in case just in case 意味:念のため 例文/Take backups just in case.

kinda kinda 意味:ちょっと 例文/He looks kinda cute.

more or less more or less 意味:だいたい 例文:The lengths of those pencils are more or less the same.

in a rush in a rush 意味:急いで 例文/Sorry, I'm in a rush.



when it comes to when it comes to 意味:~に関して 例文/He's a genius when it comes to computers.



tommorow is another day Tommorow is another day 意味:明日は明日の風が吹く


reminds someone(人) of reminds someone(人) of 意味:~のことを(人に)思い出せさる 例文/The song reminds me of my mother.


btw btw 意味:ところで 例文/btw, what are you doing tonight?

omfg omfg 意味:なんてことだ! 例文/omfg! I can't believe this!

w8 w8 意味:wait 例文/I can't w8 to see you.


anything else? anything else? 意味:他に何かある?例文/Would you like anything else?

as well as as well as 意味:~だけでなく 例文/The gorilla as well as the orangutan is a primate.

be used to be used to 意味:~に慣れている 例文/I'm used to rain.

used to used to 意味:以前は~だった 例文/I used to believe in Santa Claus.

yet to be ~ yet to be ~ 意味:まだ~していない 例文/She has yet to spend a Christmas with her partner.


naeronambul 韓国語の造語が世界的に~naeronambul(ネロナムブル) 意味:ネロナムブル

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